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Doreen Patricia Taylor

Patricia Taylor is a Servant-Leader as a Certified Empowerment Mentor and Coach and focuses on the personal development in the lives of individuals. She has over 26 years as a professional in the pharmaceutical industries prior to resigning. Her roles included such as Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Research Associates as well as Regulatory Specialist.  She is the founder of Motivate Your Faith Ministries and has since ventured globally-thus changing the Ministries name to Motivate Your Faith Global Ministries. Patricia is a Certified Mentor Coach through The Professional Woman Network. 

She is also a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator and has obtained several Certificates in several areas with intentions of honing her Leadership skills. She is an Ordained Minister and successfully brings secular and biblical understanding on how to effectively and efficiently add value to those whom she mentors and coaches.  Recently, she was selected and became a member of World Wide Association of Professional Women and holds a lifetime membership. In addition, she is a member of The Professional Woman Network. Her focus and interest is to always invest in herself with sound and knowledgeable  information that is sustainable to lead those she serves, she participated and completed a certification course in the city of Desoto Civic Academy as well as other development certifications, including Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

She is a sought after presenter and speaker, both locally and nationally, and has hosted several conferences including an Annual Prayer Conference.

She is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University and holds her Bachelor of Science and Arts degree in Christian Ministry with concentration on Social and Leadership studies.

Patricia is the wife of Ronald Taylor, mother of three biological daughters; 2 daughters and 1 son by marriage. She is a proud grandmother and a great-grand mother.

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